Let’s make a VR Game (Part 1)

Beginner's guide to develop a VR App using Unity (Development)

Let’s make a VR Game (Part 1)

At some point in our lives, I think most of us wished to develop a video game by ourself. In my bachelor program I had to develop a project for software development course and I choose to make a video game. On the other hand VR (Virtual Reality) built a great hype of that time (It's still fancy though, As Apple is launching new VR technologies). So, I decided to develop a First Person VR Game. As a beginner, I faced various challenges. Though I'm not gonna write all about my first game development journey here, but in this two part of article I will try to give a simple beginner guide to initiate your first VR project/game and finally generate APK to run the app on android device.

We will develop a basic android app which will gives 360° VR experience. Users will have the ability to explore the 3D world around him just moving his head, thus giving him a taste of simple Virtual Reality experience.


⦁ Google Cardboard or any VR-Box

⦁ If you are using Google Cardboard, you need a recent model Android smartphone with a gyroscope support and screens dimension of 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm).

⦁ Requires Android 4.4 (KitKat) or above. Phones a year or two older may suffer from poor frame rate, latency, and other issues.

Unity Game Engine to develop the project. You can download it from https://unity.com/download and Install it. I have used Unity v5 in this article.

CardboardSDKForUnity package for unity to enable VR Camera. You can find it in online or download it from CardboardSDKForUnity.unitypackage

Android SDK, download and install the SDK in your PC, Follow this link . Remember the path where you will install the SDK. It will be needed later.

⦁ In this article, I have developed the project on Windows 10. You can choose any other operating systems and find similar development tools.

⦁ Any external peripheral like VR Controller, keyboard or joystick to control our character's action

Now let’s jump to our step by step guide to develop the app. I have provided screenshots of each step and pointed with red marks for simplicity.

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Project Repository: https://github.com/muhaimenul/unity-vr-demo